Our Equipments

RICKOTEK designed and fabricated metal stamping dies and tools in-house with advanced precision facilities in China. Some key equipment is introduced from Japan. We will upgrade our equipment with the development of technologies to ensure their performance. Our engineers will schedule check to maintain the machines according to the manuals.

Key Equipment list:

Stamping machine KISTON 35Ton 1
Stamping machine KISTON 60Ton 2
Stamping machine KISTON 45Ton 1
Stamping machine KISTON 110Ton 3
Stamping machine KISTON 160Ton 2
Stamping machine TOYU 80Ton 2
High-speed press machine MICRON 25Ton 1
High-speed press machine MICRON 35Ton 1
EDM machine MITSUBISHI 280×320mm 2
Wire EDM machine SODICK 400mm*280mm 3
Grinding machine KENT 1200×2400mm 2
Fine precision grinding machine KENT 460x150mm 1
Fine precision grinding machine KENT 500×200mm 1
Milling machine KENT 254×1270mm 2
Milling machine KENT 305×1370mm 1
Radial Drilling Machine Zhongjie  0.04-3.2mm 2
Radial Drilling Machine Zhongjie  0.10-0.25mm 1
metal stamping machines
Wire EDM machines and projector
CNC machines