Progressive Die Stamping Services

Progressive die stamping is a metalworking method in which a flat sheet metal is molded into the desired shape with an automated feeding system.

There are many individual stations in the dies; each of them performs a different operation on the part, the final station cut off and ejects the part.

It’s also widely used to manufacture stamping parts for various industries, which are automotive, electronics, household appliances, and lighting, etc.

How to determine to produce the stamping parts by compound die stamping or progressive die stamping? The size, complexity, and volume of the parts are the key factors.

Typically, metal stamping manufacturers will use a progressive die stamping process to produce a large number of small-sized parts, therefore to keep the production costs down due to its high productivity.

At RICKOTEK company, progressive die stamping is more than just one of our many diverse capabilities. It’s one of our specialties.

Our progressive die manufacturing capability uniquely highlights our commitment to our customer’s growth and process development, removes the burdens of procurement, and ultimately lowers operating costs.

Our progressive die process performs step-by-step changes to the part as it goes through each station and sends the completed part down a product chute for packaging at the end.

We use highly advanced stamping presses with capacities from 25 to 200 tons, achieving tolerances of ±.0005”. A wide range of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, nickel, and brass can be utilized from thicknesses of .005″ to .500″.

Our engineers develop custom die tooling for our precision metal stamping services using the most popular software like AutoCAD & Unigraphics and MASTERCAM software for CNC Machining and Wire EDM.

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