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Custom Metal Stamping

RICKOTEK is a leading custom metal stamping parts manufacturer with high speed precision metal stampingdeep draw stampingprogressive die stamping and compound die stamping, serving customers in various fields such as automotive aftermarket, construction, consumer goods, and electronics industry, etc.

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Aluminum stamping parts for lighting shell

Deep Drawn Stamping

Deep drawn stamping is the process by which metal sheets under high compressive and tensile forces are drawn into a die cavity forming an irregular cup shape.

The metal sheet is drawn into the die by the mechnical action of a punch. Only the depth of the drawn part exceeds its diameter can the process be referred to as ” Deep drawn”. for this process, there is a variety of material to choose from, such as brass, silver, cold roiled steel, copper, iron and many others.

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metal stamped parts

Progressive Die Stamping

Progressive die stamping is a metal working method in which a flat sheet metal is molded into the desired shape with automated feeding system.There are many individual stations in the dies, each of them performs different operation on the part, the final station cut off and ejects the part……

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metal stamps

Precision Metal Stamping

Precision metal stamping is nowadays a very widely used manufacturing process to produce parts at very competitive prices with fast delivery time and stable quality, especially for the orders with large quantity and high tolerance requirements in assembly and application.

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custom steel stamp

Compound Die Stamping

If you choose the right production method, complex steel parts can be cheap to make. Compound die stamping produces steel parts swiftly, efficiently and correctly every time. RICKOTEK provides compound die stamping services to a wide range of customers.

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