China metal stamping manufacturers

Rickotek Metal Products Limited is a professional metal stamping manufacturer and rapid prototyping service provider.

We offer a wide range of Metal Stamping services, including deep drawn stamping, progressive die stamping, precision metal stamping, and compound die stamping.

Not only designing and fabricating the custom tools and dies, but also repairing, maintaining, and running existing dies.

We can stamp a wide range of materials, including aluminum, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, iron, copper, and plastics.

With over 17 years in the Metal Stamping industry, we specialize in high precision, cost-effective solutions to exact tolerances to meet our customer’s requirements.

Whether you’re looking for prototype samples, small volume orders, long run, cost-effective stamping solutions, we can manufacture your custom parts and components.

We also provide a variety of value-added services, including:

1. Deburring2. TIG welding3. Spot welding4. MIG welding
5. Grinding6. Polishing7. Brushing8. Powder coating
9. Painting10. E-coating11. Plating12. Packaging
13. Assembly/Sub-Assembly.


We are a leading manufacturer in Metal Stamping and rapid prototyping in China with the best Quality Assurance and fast turnaround.

When you invest in a new tool/die built by RICKOTEK, you will never be billed for die maintenance again.

RICKOTEK maintains your die for the life of the project at no additional cost to you. It is just one example of our integrity and customer commitment.

Our expert engineers will work closely with you at any stage of the manufacturing process to determine the optimal strategy for your needs.

We appreciate your patronage. Please feel free to contact us to learn how we can help you with your projects.

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