The Complete Guide of Metal Stamping 2021 updated

custom metal stampings of collar parts

Custom Metal Stamping Overview

Metal stamping is a complex process to convert plain metal sheets into particular shapes.  It comprises several techniques such as blanking, bending, and punching, etc.

Metal stamping usually is using a press that utilizes the tool and dies that give a dimensional shape to a flat metal sheet through pressure.

However, the custom metal stamping process is used to produce parts explicitly ordered by a customer hence requires custom tools and techniques.

Custom metal stamping allows you to convert your logo or other original designs into custom stamps made of copper, brass, gold, silver, aluminum, fibers and plastics, etc.

Metal stamp parts can even be customized as per the volume of production required, ranging from low to high volume.

Who Needs Custom Metal Stamping?

There are endless products that can be made with the help of metal stamping processes, whether regular or custom.

Custom metal stamping is employed by a wide range of industries to meet production needs of high magnitude and especially where all parts are supposed to meet precise specifications.

Many fields need metal stamping services, including construction, appliances, automotive aftermarket (which is the largest customer of this service), gaming, jewelry, consumer product, HVAC, military, gas grills, solar, power distribution, and lighting, etc.

However, this service is not confined to major industries. Individuals can also make use of custom metal stamping for specific projects as well, such as art students and jewelry designers, etc.

 How to Find a Good Metal Stamping Company in China?

If you are looking for custom metal stamping services or metal stamping parts manufacturers, several companies in China can provide stamping services as well as metal stamping tools and dies.

If you are searching for some good metal stamping companies, make sure that they are ISO certified, since an ISO certified company will have a reliable and proven system.

The company should also have a low rejection rate that you can check from the company’s history or reviews. You must check such reviews of metal stamping services in China before making a choice.

The Advantages Of Custom Metal Stamping

As mentioned above, the possibilities of shapes and products that can be made from metal stamping are numerous. For example, Brass and Copper’s stamps are fabricated into jewelry, plumbing products or household fixtures, etc.

Then there are automotive stampings that are made out of sheet metal stamping. Additionally, several instruments, such as gauges to eyelets used in the airplane, are only made through precision brass stamps.

One great advantage associated with custom metal stamping is the cost-effectiveness. Being an automotive process; it reduces labor costs considerably.

The cost-effectiveness is even amplified when used for high-volume production. Not only does the process become cost-effective, but it also consumes less time.

Custom metal stampings can yield optimal results for any business as they are customized as per the requirement in terms of volume, speed, fabricating material, etc. while being more compatible with the components within the overall production system.

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